Cocktail Bars in Brighton & Hove

Happy Hour Is The Best Hour

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Looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy savoury cocktails in Brighton & Hove? We’ve got you covered from your drink options to the coolest bars around.

Come to Brighton for a lifetime experience

Brighton a place to see

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Come to Brighton and experience pleasure and recreation for you and your family whatever your interests are or simply just take a walk down the beach.

Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails – 10 Of The Best To Beat That Summer Heat A cocktail in the harrowing heat of summer serves only one purpose: to refresh and make you feel cool. This is what makes summer cocktails such a popular choice for nearly every person under the sun. Moreover, most of the drinks are easy to prepare and with the… Read More »Summer Cocktails

British pub culture

British Pub Culture

British Pub Culture – Is It Dead Post COVID? Nothing beats a cold pint, plus, delectable pub grub shared with friends after a strenuous week, or enjoying the Premier League over a beer, right? Do you miss that Sunday roast with the family? The damper thrown by COVID 19 has had an undeniable effect on our vibrant British pub culture,… Read More »British Pub Culture

Pub grub

Pub Grub

Pub Grub – Is That Well-Loved Favourite Every Coming Back? Pub grub favourites come and goes, but it always seems to circle back around to traditional pub food. Well, maybe not scampi and chips in a basket any more, but yes, sustainable scampi and sweet potato chips are a modern alternative. A Sunday roast at the pub, with the family,… Read More »Pub Grub