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The World Of Wonderful Choice In English Pubs

Here at Doctor Brightons, we welcome anyone who loves the social atmosphere and lively life of local pubs and bars. We are the beer fountain of knowledge!

There are now over 900 watering holes to explore in Brighton, ranging from cosy ‘locals’ to classy pre-club cocktail bars. There are gorgeous old places, sophisticated seafood bars, quirky traditional watering holes and gastro pubs. We aim to take you on a very special guided pub crawl.

Treasured Inns In Brighton & Hove

Brighton is home to many of the best pubs and inns along the South coast. Whether you are a craft beer aficionado or searching for party seafront pubs, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. From cosy corners serving mouth-watering Sunday roasts to cool bars grilling delicious burgers, we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Our top tips on where to find the very best traditional pubs in Brighton or the best gastronomic delights will set you on your way. If you’re here on holiday or herald from foreign shores, then you’ll find everything you need to know about the quirky traditions of English pubs to help you too. Make sure you don’t miss out on real ale, scrumptious seafood, or hidden gems of pubs. In Brighton, it’s normally never just about whether to go out for food and drink, but exactly how to choose where to go!

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Tracking Down The Greatest Places

We at Doctor Brightons put our heart and soul into finding those welcoming and warm pubs in Brighton where you can really relax. Whether it’s over a beer, the newspaper, a football match or sizzling pub grub. Here are just some of the pubs to explore:
Doctor Brightons Beer and Seafood

  • Perfect places to get together with friends
  • Trendy cocktail bars & pre-party hangouts
  • The perfect pint, real ale or something more special
  • Best bar menus & traditional UK pub grub
  • Beer gardens with sea views for the family
  • Live gigs, resident DJ’s and vintage classic tunes
  • Coastal taverns and cosy inns with a scenic view
  • Top student hangouts, happy hours & pre-club bars

What Is This Quaint British Pub Culture?

Our social pub culture remains very much an integral part of British life, especially for students. They are wonderful places to go if you want to chill out, socialise and soak up the atmosphere. You don’t actually even need to have a drink!

With around 50,000 places currently in the UK, it’s something you must experience if you are visiting and want to learn more about our culture. Exploring our historic pubs is both interesting and fun. As we always say, everybody in a pub is equal.

Essential Etiquette For Surviving English Pubs

There are some quaint social rules in force in any pubs in Brighton which will enhance your experience. Foreign visitors are often surprised that there is no table service in pubs, so don’t sit around waiting for someone to take your order.
Customers go to the bar themselves and wait for their drinks to be poured. So, find a favourite table, take everyone’s orders and then head to the bar! It’s important not to take everyone with you and block the locals too.
The same usually applies to pub grub if you decide to go for a meal, although some places will bring it to your table. You generally make your order at the bar and receive a table number. Then listen out until it’s called out and pick up your food on a tray at the bar. Also, never shout for attention. Wait for your turn to be served, or you will be viewed as rude – only regular locals are allowed to do that!

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