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Beer Batter Fish

  • Jackson 
  • 2 min read
Fish Stew Recipe

The ambience that seafront pubs provide is unmatched. You can enjoy a cold beer with friends or family and even order your dish of choice. For most people, this is usually fish and chips. Fish can be prepared in many ways and everyone has their preferred style.

Tasty Recipes

Among the ways in which fish can be prepared, nothing is more quintessentially English than beer-battered fish. This is the go-to order for people visiting seafront pubs and restaurants. This is why it is served in different ways. To make the dish, you need to have spices for the seasoning, flour and a beer.

Whisk these ingredients together and add a cold beer. When whisking the mixture, add a touch of rice flour so that the coating is crispier and lighter. You don’t need a specific beer since any lager will do. You can coat the fish in more rice flour so that the batter sticks to the fish before you fry it.

Frying The Fish

The final step before serving the beer batter fish is frying it. 6 cups of vegetable oil are enough for this process. You don’t necessarily need a deep fryer and the process takes less than 10 min. Make sure that both sides of the fish are brown before removing them. Serve them with lemon wedges and creamy tartar sauce.