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Cosmopolitan Cocktails

  • Jackson 
  • 2 min read
Cosmopolitan Cocktails

Are you reading this and asking yourself, “what is a cosmopolitan cocktail?” Do not worry, I am here to tell you more about this world-famous drink. A cosmopolitan cocktail is a blended mixture of vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, an orange-flavoured Cointreau and garnished with a piece of lemon. Cosmopolitan cocktails are a ladies’ favourite in most, if not all cocktail bars. It is popularly known for being a party favourite, too – be it a formal dinner or a casual get-together.

Why You Should Grab A Cocktail In Brighton Soon

Brighton has over 100 pubs which are located along the south coast that give the best seafront views. The bars are accommodative to everyone. Whether you want to watch a game or just hang out with friends. Some also have an environment that favours family hangouts. You not only get to take the best alcohol but also have access to a wide range of delicious meals as well. If you want to taste different types of cosmopolitan cocktails, then the numerous cocktail bars in Brighton are a definite recommendation.

A cocktail bar that comes highly recommended is Twisted Lemon. With a four-star rating on Google, every single person that has visited this amazing bar has nothing but positive reviews about the bar. With a wide menu of both food and alcohol, the bar has stood out for its exceptional service, and cosmopolitans. The bar offers affordable rates on all cocktails and a unique recipe for the most famous Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Twisted Lemon – Brighton

Twisted Lemon has been hailed as the best when it comes to cosmopolitan cocktails. With a unique recipe and an unbelievably affordable rate on all cocktails, it is undoubtedly the best in the game. Customers have referred to the spot as second to none due to the amazing service and professional waiters and waitresses. We all try out joints because of positive reviews from fellow customers right? I know I do!