The Best Pub Grub and Nightclubs in Brighton

  • Jackson 
  • 2 min read
Happy Hour in Brighton. Image by Ifx from Pixabay

Brighton in East Sussex has a lot to offer. The fabulous beaches, the pier’s amusement arcade and the Royal Pavilion are just a few of the area’s attractions. There are also lots of clubs and pubs running happy hour Brighton to cater to the crowds.

What Makes the Happy Hour so Happy

During happy hour, drinks are served at reduced prices. Also, pub grub is offered free or at reduced prices as well. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the best British pub grub from pork scratchings to scotch eggs, prawn cocktail, fish and chips and other pub favourites.

Other popular pub grub you can sample in Brighton are bangers and mash, chicken and chips, Ploughman’s lunch, Cornish pastry and fidget pie. Several pubs on Saint James have happy hours that offer real value for your money. Some have offers that run all day on selected drinks. There are also some that don’t serve food but only snacks like crisps and peanuts. Traditional pubs that are located mostly in the Lanes or out of tourist areas cost less than those on the seafront.

Brighton’s Best Pub Grub and Club Spots

An hour spent sampling the best pub grub washed down with a drink and at reduced prices is definitely a happy hour. There are lots of places to enjoy this and Brighton’s buzzing nightlife. Brighton Rocks, The Pond, The Lion & Lobster and the Urchin are just a few of the best places to enjoy some delectable British pub grub. Pryzm, Brighton Coalition and Shoosh are just a few of the nightclubs to enjoy Brighton’s nightlife culture.