Happy Hour Is The Best Hour

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Cocktail Bars in Brighton & Hove

Whether you are craving a classic mojito or a French 75, social joints in the Brighton & Hove area have got you covered. There are numerous happy hour deals, varying from 2 for 1 offers to 99p cocktails, all tailored to your liking. What is more, you don’t have to break the bank for a relaxed night out with friends, and if you prefer classy cocktails at elegant joints, you are only a reservation away!

Get Your Happy On At The Coolest Cocktail Bars

From subtle salt brimmed glasses to flaming one-foot glasses, cocktails are not only delicious; they’re exciting as well. You can find these cocktails in a myriad of bars in Brighton & Hove, courtesy of some of the best mixologists. There are themed cocktail bars, such as The Plotting Parlour, featuring speakeasy-style finishing and distressed furniture, giving off a relaxed, medieval vibe. The Gin Tub is unique and has plenty of character, patrons order cocktails, and as the name suggests, gin-based drinks through a retro telephone.