British pub culture

British Pub Culture – Is It Dead Post COVID?

Nothing beats a cold pint, plus, delectable pub grub shared with friends after a strenuous week, or enjoying the Premier League over a beer, right? Do you miss that Sunday roast with the family? The damper thrown by COVID 19 has had an undeniable effect on our vibrant British pub culture, which has seen pubs shut down for the first time in British history. Are we going to see a comeback to what we know and love?

Abiding By The Rules

Who knew a day would come when you have to register to catch your favourite pint as you do when you go to school? Bars and pubs will need to keep temporary records for contact tracing and testing when necessary. You will also need to book your tables in advance. When possible, order your drinks via the now popular apps. Welcome to the new rules as you down your socially distanced drink – the new normal.