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Pub Grub – Is That Well-Loved Favourite Every Coming Back?

Pub grub favourites come and goes, but it always seems to circle back around to traditional pub food. Well, maybe not scampi and chips in a basket any more, but yes, sustainable scampi and sweet potato chips are a modern alternative. A Sunday roast at the pub, with the family, was one of the most popular pub grub options—will it make a comeback? Here’s hoping so, in whatever sustainable, organic style, we will always welcome a Sunday lunch at the pub!

We have seen trends move from Tapas to cordon bleu delights and back to a Sunday roast and steak pies. The difference being is in the public demand for well-cooked, healthier alternatives on the menus. Plus, the demand for sustainable ingredients, often locally sourced is increasing. Awareness of what we eat has increased, but it does not diminish the social aspect of meeting family and friends for a pub lunch. Following the corvid-19 restrictions, many of us are looking forward to returning to the conviviality and fun of the great British pub, and our weekly, or more, outings for pub grub. Unfortunately, the regulations are not making it viable for many pubs to start serving food.

Unfortunately, the regulations are not making it viable for many pubs to start serving food. The lunchtime pop in for a Ploughmans is just not happening in most places. The good news is, some of the pubs are opening restaurant-style in the evening serving a limited but hopefully well-thought-out menu, but you will generally have to pre-book—no spare of the moment options to nip out for a pub tea.

Are Pub Snacks On Their Way Back Post Corvid-19?

You know the ones we mean, cheese and onion crisps or salted nuts, pork scratching. Apparently, these are becoming a sustainable alternative for the social distancing pub-goers. The difference is that people want premium snacks, crisps & salami bars. They want diverse flavours catering to a more sophisticated palate. So, expect to see exciting flavours around like Jalapeno & Dill Crisps, Sea salt crisps from various areas of the UK taking over from traditional pub grub.

These premium bar snacks, offer choice a lot more than the old sweet & sour or cheese & onion crisps. Mind you, the other difference you will notice is in the price. Do expect to be paying more for you Chorizo Thins or the increasingly popular Duck Fritons & Mangalitza salami chips. Of course, this is a help to the struggling pub owners in some revenue and to keeping their customers happy. All these bar snacks go well with a pint, but also work with wine or a G&T. These pub snacks offer to have reduced fat and salt content and are looking to use sustainable packaging alongside organically grown ingredients.

What can we expect to see in the future? Well, trends come and go, and pub-goers will adapt to whatever the new situation brings. That is not to say we will not be waiting in anticipation for pub grub to come around again. Oh for a menu of cottage pie, steak, onion rings and super sauces and sustainably caught fish and chips of course. Hopefully, we will not have to wait too long!